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Jim Van Horne - Click to enlarge Jim Van Horne - CKMP Midland ON 1971; various other Canadian radio stations; 3-6 p.m. CKLG Vancouver 1976; intern CITY-TV Toronto 1980; sports CFAC-TV Calgary 1980; sports commentator including SportsDesk anchor TSN Toronto 1984-2001; syndicated talk show host on Team stations including CKST Vancouver 2001-02; Sportsnet Toronto 2003-current

Trace Ventura - As Racy Dave Tracy ski reporter CJAY-FM Calgary early 1990s; as morning sidekick Kooter CKMX Calgary early 1990s; as Trace Ventura news then host Indie Night in Canada CFOX-FM Vancouver mid 1990s-2004; host Canadian Content The Roxy Nightclub Vancouver; reporter CFFR Calgary 2006-current

Doug Veronelly - CFCN Calgary; CFGO Ottawa; Mornings CKRY Calgary

Henry Viney - CJOC Lethbridge 1932; Sports CFCN Radio & TV Calgary 1945 - 1970's. Died in 1980. Posthumously inducted into Alberta Sports Hall of Fame 1983

Terry Vogt - Click for larger photo Terry Vogt - Lethbridge Community College grad; News CHEC Lethbridge late 1970's; News CHQR Calgary early 1980's; News CFCN-TV Lethbridge early 1980's - current, is News Director there

Rick Volpatti - BCIT grad; PMD CKKC Nelson, BC 1988 - 1989; PMD then AMD CJAT Trail,l BC 1989 - 1991; Overnights CKNW / WIN Vancouver 1991 - 1992; PMD, APD. Imaging CHQR Calgary 1992 - 2002; Production Manager / Weekends CIQX Calgary 2002 - 2006; Creative Director CILK Kelowna, BC 2006; PD / Mid Days CJOC-FM Lethbridge 2007 - current

Noel Wagner - GM CFAC-TV Calgary 1980's

Cal Walker - Click for larger photo Cal Walker - BCIT Broadcast and Media Communications graduate; Michael Stevenson CKWX Vancouver 1977-79; Mike Stevenson CKIQ Kelowna 1979; CKDA Victoria 1980; Calvin Jay Walker CKLG Vancouver 1980-83; CHFM-FM Calgary 1983-89; pilot/traffic reporter Cal Walker Traffic San Diego (KOGO, KGB-FM, KYMY-FM & XHCR-FM) 1990-current

Johnnie Walker - Click to enlarge Johnnie Walker - CKCK Regina 1969; CKRC Winnipeg 1970; CKXL Calgary Mid 70's; CHQR Calgary 1980's - early 1990's; died 1993 in Calgary

Ed Watson Ed Watson - BCIT Broadcast Program graduate; CBC Calgary; reporter/political correspondent/anchor Nightfinal CBC Vancouver; video-journalist CHEK-TV Victoria 1992-97; recipient Jack Webster Foundation Broadcast Journalism Fellowship award 2003; Victoria Bureau Chief CTV British Columbia 1997-2004; evening news anchor CH TV Victoria Oct. 2004-current

Easten Wayman - Announcer CKOM Saskatoon 1960's; Reporter CHQR Calgary Early 1970's; PD CJWW Saskatoon Mid 1970's; Newsman CFQC Radio-TV Saskatoon Late 1970's - 1980's; Deceased

Charlie West - CKXL Calgary late 1960's - early 1970's; CJME Regina early 1970's; CKDA Victoria late 1970's; Mornings CFMG-FM Edmonton 1992 - 2005; Mornings CJRY-FM Edmonton 2005 - current

Ed Whalen - Click to enlarge Ed Whalen - CFQC Saskatoon early 1950's; News & Sports Director CHCT (later CFAC TV) 1955; Stampede Wrestling ringside announcer 1958 - 1981; Calgary Flames TV PBP 1980 - 1999; Columnist Calgary Sun 1970's & 1980's; CHQR Calgary 1992; retired 1999; deceased December 4, 2001

Erin Wilde Erin Wilde - BCIT Broadcast Program graduate; swing/copy CJAT Trail BC 1991-93; mornings CKRV-FM Kamloops 1993-98; swing/middays CKZZ-FM Vancouver 1999-2003; weekends CFBT-FM Vancouver 2003-05; voice talent GFORCE Media Productions current; middays CKCE-FM Calgary 2007-current

Wendell Wilkes - GM CFAC-TV Calgary 1960's & 70's

Ken Williams - CFAR Flin Flon; News CHQR Calgary late 1960's

Dan Willmott - CKXL 1980's; CKGM Montreal; CHQR Calgary 1992

 - Click to enlarge Jane Wilson - PM Drive CHQR Calgary 1983-84; CHEK TV Victoria late 1980s

 - Click to enlarge Jaime Wohl - WICB and WVBR-FM, ICTV, Ithaca, New York; Announcer CHOM-FM Montreal; Announcer CHEZ 106 FM Ottawa; Announcer and Music Director CKIK-FM. Calgary; Entertainment Reporter CFAC-TV Calgary; Writer-Researcher and Reporter CBC TV and Radio Calgary; Entertainment Editor and Host CFCN TV Calgary

Bernie Wolfe - News CHQR Calgary

Don Wood - Announcer CFCN Calgary 1960's & 1970's; Weather Guy CFCN-TV 1970's & 1980's

Ron Wood - News CKXL Calgary 1980's

"The Woodman" John Woodlock - Click to enlarge John Woodlock - BCIT Broadcast Program graduate; operator CKNW Vancouver 1989-91; part time/swing CKIQ Kelowna summer 1990; CKCQ Quesnel Apr-Oct 1991; part time then swing CKIQ Kelowna Oct 1991-Oct 1995, p.m. drive CFFM-FM Williams Lake Oct 1995-Oct 1996; as The Woodman overnight/swing/morning fill-in CKZZ-FM Vancouver and as John Woodlock CISL Vancouver 1997-99; as The Woodman: middays CKIK-FM Calgary 1999-2000; evenings/swing CKFM-FM Toronto 2000-03; as John Woodlock swing CIDC-FM Toronto current; freelance voice acting PNAgency/ current

Rita Woodman - Click to enlarge Rita Woodman - CKLG Vancouver 1984; CKNW New Westminster; CFOX-FM Vancouver; host Vancouver Show CKVU-TV Vancouver; CHUM Toronto; CKXL Calgary; CFMI-FM Vancouver; actor/singer/voiceovers Vancouver current.  Voice 123 biography

Martin Yan - Click for larger photo Martin Yan - host "Yan Can Cook" CFAC TV Calgary 1978 (show was later syndicated internationally & aired on PBS beginning in 1982); host "Martin Yan's Quick and Easy" current

Elaine Yong - Click to enlarge Elaine Yong - Intern CHUM-TV Toronto; reporter/editorial assistant CHUM/WIC Parliament Hill bureau; reporter CKVU-TV Vancouver 1996; CBC Regina; A-Channel Calgary; consumer specialist CityPulse News Citytv Vancouver 2001-06

Steve Young - CJET Ottawa, ON 1973; CFRA Ottawa, ON 1974; CKLC Kingston, ON 1975; CHIQ Winnipeg, MB 1976; CJFM Montreal, QU 1977; CITI-FM Winnipeg, MB 1979; CJAY-FM Calgary, AB 1985; CHQR Calgary 1987; KISW Seattle, WA 1989; WNEW-FM New York, NY 1995; WAXQ-FM New York, NY 1999-2000; Director of Rock/Pop formats at Jones Broadcast Programming, and running Youngradio Management Strategies (programming consultancy), Seattle, WA

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