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Merv Samborski - CKBI Prince Albert, SK 1950's & 1960's; CHQR Calgary 1960's.

Dale Sande Dale Sande - Sports CFFR Calgary; Sports CHQR Calgary. Passed away September 2007.

Terry Schintz - BCIT Broadcast graduate 1988; CHQR Calgary; CKWX Vancouver 1996; afternoon news/talk show fill-in host then news director CKNW Vancouver current.

Howard Schwartz - CJFM-FM Montreal, QC 1976; CJAY-FM Calgary 1977 - 1978; CJFM-FM and CFCF Montreal, QC 1980's; Media Relations specialist New York, NY current.

Larry Schwartz - Mornings CHQR Calgary late 1960's - early 1970's.

D'arcy Scott - CFCN Calgary 1950's & 1960's; CJDV Drumheller 1970's.

Richard Scott - CKY Winnipeg late 1950s; news CKWX Vancouver early 1960s; CHUM Toronto; CJGX Yorkton SK; CKXL Calgary 1964-65

Robert Scott - Sports CBR AM & CBR TV Calgary 1970's & 1980's.

Don Seel - TV/Radio reporter, news anchor and then News Director CFCN Calgary 1969-1974; News Anchor with Ed Whalen CFAC TV Calgary 1974-1979; BC, Edmonton and Winnipeg 1979-1983; CFFR Calgary 1983-1985; Freelance broadcaster covering Calgary Flames & Calgary Stampeders for A-P Network 1985-current. .

Wilf Sennett - Click for larger photo Wilf Sennett - CFCW Camrose 1950's; PD CHQR Calgary 1960's; GM CHFM-FM late 1960's; Concert Hall host CHQR Calgary 1970's - mid 1980's; Real Estate agent 1980's.

Murray Sherriffs - Click to enlarge Murray Sherriffs - Reported CJAD Montreal, QC early 1980's; News CHQR Calgary 1980's; Weather Network 1990's; CJFM-FM Montreal, QC current.

Fred Skelton - News Director CHQR Calgary 1960's; News CFAC Calgary 1970's & 80's

Don Slade - CKRC Winnipeg; CHQR Calgary; CFAC Calgary; CKMX Calgary

Graham Slater - PD CHQR Calgary 1960's.

Glen Slingerland - Click for more pics Glen Slingerland - BVLD Radio, Smithers BC 1976-1977; CKIQ Kelowna BC 1977 - 1984; AM106 Calgary AB, PM Drive / APD, Bought out by Standard in 1993 and re-launched as MIX 1060, PM Drive / MD 1984-1994,- PM Drive; 85 radio Max PD/Mornings 1994-1997; 104.9 Star Fm, PM Drive 1997-1998, Mornings 1998-1999; CHWK FM Chilliwack, BC PD/MD/Mornings 2008-Current;

Ron Smith - ND CBR Calgary 1980's.

Ted Soskin - Click to enlarge Ted Soskin - Announcer CKMO Vancouver 1941-42; announcer/writer/salesman CKOV Kelowna 1942-44; in charge of aII miIitary radio broadcasting in the Maritimes, Canadian Army 1944-45; CKOV 1945-46; assistant manager/news writer/announcer CJIB Vernon 1946-50; Hollywood personality interviewer Los Angeles for CKXL Calgary syndicated to 36 Canadian stations 1950-51; on-air CKXL 1951-62 and commercial manager 1962-64; founder/president/managing director CHQR Calgary 1964-70. Died in Vancouver October 13, 1985 at age 59.

Carl Spahl - Weather guy CFCN Radio and TV Calgary early 1980's

Tom Spear - CJCI Prince George 1973-75; CKPG/CKPG-TV Prince George 1975-77; CHWK Chilliwack 1977-78; news director, then program manager CKO-FM-4 Vancouver 1978-80; CBC-TV Fredericton NB 1982-84; CBC radio/TV Calgary 1984-90; CBC National Radio Sports Calgary/Toronto 1988; short term assignment CBC Radio North Inuvik NT 1994; CBC radio/TV Calgary 1992-current

Dieter Stachow - CFAC Calgary late 1960's; CKXL Calgary early 1970's; CJJC Langley BC late 1970's; Kootenays 1990's - 2000's; retired.

Jonny Staub - Click to enlarge Jonny Staub - Traffic reporter/swing CHYM-FM Kitchener ON 1998-99; evenings CJIB Vernon 1999-2000; early evenings CKIK-FM Calgary 2000-01; early evenings CKZZ-FM Vancouver 2001-02; middays CKNG-FM Edmonton 2002-05; morning drive CHBN-FM Edmonton 2005-current

Bob Steele - Click to enlarge Bob Steele - CFKC Creston, BC - 1980; CKEG Nanaimo, BC - 1981; 66CFR Calgary 1983; CKXL Calgary - 1984; CHQR Calgary - 1986; K-97 Edmonton - 1986; CKGY Red Deer - 1988; CJAY92 Calgary - 1988; AM106 Calgary - 1990; CJAY 92 Calgary - 1991; CING Hamilton/Toronto - 2002; Y108 Hamilton, ON - 2003; CING Hamilton/Toronto - 2004; CFXL Calgary 2009 - current

Jerry Steen - Click to enlarge Jerry Steen - CJME Regina; CFFR Calgary; CIQX Calgary;

Mark Stephen - Click to enlarge Mark Stephen - Sports CFCN Radio & TV early 1980's; Calgary Cannons late 1980's; Sports Talk Show host/ Stampeders PBP CHQR Calgary early 1990's - current

Don Stevens - Click for larger photo Don Stevens - As Don Hamilton: CKSA Lloydminster AB 1962-63; CFSL Weyburn SK 1963-64; CKNL Fort St. John BC 1964; CKYL Peace River AB 1964-66; on air/music director CHED Edmonton 1966-70; as Don Stevens: on air/MD CKLG Vancouver 1970-82; on air/program director CJAY-FM Calgary 1983-84; on air/PD CFCN Calgary 1984-88; PD CKFM-FM Toronto 1988-89; PD CFTR Toronto 1989-93; morning host CHFM-FM Calgary 1993-2010; PD and morning co-host CFXL Calgary 2011 - 2012; Morning show co-host 2013 - current: CHR Air Talent of the Year 1987; CHR PD of the Year 1986/91/92

Jack Stewart Jack Stewart - Announcer & PD CHFM-FM Calgary 1971 - 1973;

Rod Sykes Rod Sykes - Sunday Evening Talk Show host CHQR Calgary late 1960's; Mayor of Calgary 1969 - 1977; leader of Alberta Social Credit Party 1980 - 82

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